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The Girl Is Chained

Deb maintains the pristine surfaces of her 1990s white suburban life – but when her son is accused of sexual assault, guilt threatens to tear her apart. Dana seems to be holding it together as a queer black woman in Trump’s America, until her past creeps into her already troubled present. Through visual metaphor and dark humor, The Girl is Chained tells the story of two women and the night that both divides and connects them.

Kilroys List

Finalist, The Relentless Award

Carlotta Festival of New Plays, Yale School of Drama

The Skinny Killer Inside

Red undergoes weight loss surgery at a clinic that advertises: "find the skinny you inside."  That night, an actual skinny woman emerges from Red's body; her name is Eve and she is – unfortunately – a serial killer. A dark comedy about fat rage in the face of the so-called “obesity epidemic.”

Public reading and development via Page 73

My Obsession with Vivian

Wendell, a 40-something queer woman and failing writer, is fascinated with the life and death of the private, enigmatic American street photographer, Vivian Maier. She is equally fascinated by the other writers, researchers, and collectors of Maier’s work who have devoted years of their lives to uncovering Vivian’s “secrets.” A play about private and public obsessions, and the literal and psychic cost of being an artist.

Blind Door

Summertime. A concrete backyard on a city block surrounded by chain-link fence. Beyond: other yards, other fences. Paz, age 11, is a gifted acrobat-clown. She meets Andy, age 15, a not-so-gifted poet. He pines for Ella, also 15, a realist who used to be a painter. Paz discovers an antique "blind door" in the trash, designed to blend into the wall of some forgotten room, now covered with dirt and peeling wallpaper.  She wonders... where does it go?

Bluebeard's Wife

Penelope and Dex are a modern-day queer couple in love - but their friends worry Dex is a little controlling. Marie is the latest bride of Bluebeard - a 17th century lord with a bad habit of murdering his wives. These tales collide in Bluebeard's Wife, a dark comedy/drama about queer love and death.

Langston Hughes Festival, Yale School of Drama


Dee is caring for her ailing grandmother, Rita, when she hears a strange noise in the abandoned glass factory behind the house. She discovers Valentine, a girl her own age with amnesia - who happens to be 30 feet tall. Dee and Valentine try to uncover the latter's identity while forming a deepening connection to one another.  

Winner, Leah Ryan Award

Public readings and development via PlayPenn, Great Plains Theatre Conference, Leah Ryan Fund

Hope Street and Other Lonely Places

Frankie searches libraries for her long-lost love. Jack snaps photos of the city to present as love letters for Megg. Sam tries to help his mother, Jeanette, cope after the death of his older bother.  A play about addictions, both physical and emotional, and the intertwined hopes and losses of five Philadelphians.

World Premiere, Azuka Theatre 

Fuck Her

America, circa 2057. Most children are born through artificial means and careful genetic selection... but an underground clinic offers a special service: wealthy clients can rent a surrogate to impregnate "the old fashioned way." A madcap sci-fi horror comedy exploring the future of sex, desire and eugenics.

Yale Cabaret

Sea Witch

Lia, a young card shark, is romantically entangled with Ozzy, a casino manager who longs for the sea.  When Lia meets the mysterious Sea Witch selling magic fish at the edge of the boardwalk, she sets forth a chain of events that change her town forever.

Yale Cabaret (with projections by Brittany Bland) 

San Francisco Olympians Festival

Outside the Wire

American-occupied Iraq, 2005. Jill witnesses the death of her friend and fellow Marine, Kat, at the hands of a young Iraqi woman whose family was tortured at Abu Ghraib. Sally Cinder, a morning television correspondent, sees an opportunity for a big interview. One Act play for radio.

Shortlist, BBC International Radio Play Competition


In the near future, an old man struggles with the machines at the laundromat and the changing world; a young woman helps him. Ten minute play.

Theater Masters' Take Ten, Volume 2 (Samuel French)


Photo credit (top): James Udom and Juliana Canfield appear in Bluebeard's Wife by Genne Murphy, directed by Rory Pelsue. Yale School of Drama. 

Photo credit (bottom): Kimberly S. Fairbanks and Mary Lee Bednarek in
Hope Street and Other Lonely Places by Genne Murphy, directed by Kevin Glaccum. Azuka Theatre.

Photography: Christopher Colucci.

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